Introducing a new concept to the MS Gulf Coast!

A 26,000 square foot office building and commercial center that has been divided into 12- 18 condominium units, perfect for not only offices but almost any business that wants to enjoy the benefits of owning versus renting their place of business.

We are located on Highway 90 right next to the Gulf Coast Community College and Hancock Bank in Gautier, MS. With daily traffic counts of 37,000 cars per day. The property is located in a desirable, stable area for commercial-type facilities. The outlook for the area is generally positive with continued growth anticipated.

Condominium spaces are available for lease or sale ranging from 300-10,000 square feet. Three units have already been sold: Pilger Title Company, who sees more than 4,200 home buyers and sellers per year; Bishop Insurance Agency. one of the leading agencies on the coast; and Charter Mortgage Co., a division of Charter Bank.

We have arranged 20 year financing for you from our lender, Charter Bank. If you are currently renting and wish to never hear again, "here is your rent increase for next year", we ask that you come visit our facility! Your monthly payment is fixed, and you will own your place of business. All costs, including taxes, utilities, and insurance will be divided equally among the unit owners based on the square footage. In almost all cases, your monthly payment will be less than a rental payment. You will have eliminated the landlord profit.

While most people would rather own their own home instead of renting, some businesses have been slow to adopt this same philosophy. Many companies do not want to go through the hassle and timely process of finding a piece of land, and then doing the actual construction, that of course is if they can find a suitable piece of land in a high traffic location that is affordable. Your traffic counts should increase due to the other businesses in the building. Want to make improvements to your facility? You own it! Go right ahead!

We have adequate parking for our owners and their customers, lighted throughout with security cameras. There are 83 parking spaces available. We have also installed a stainless-steel, commercial elevator that will service the second floor.

The commerce center's location is such that the employees of Ingalls Shipyard and Chevron pass our facility twice per day on the way to and from work. Ingalls has 11,300 employees. Chevron has 3,500 employees, and Singing River Medical Center has 2,300. That amounts to over 17,000 people each day!

The Commerce Center will be run and administered by a condominium association for the benefit of all of the owners.

Some spaces are available for lease if buying your unit is not part of your business strategy.

Great offices for:
  • Accountants​

  • Lawyers

  • Insurance Companies

  • Mortgage Brokers

  • Real Estate

  • Financial Planning

  • Appraisers

  • Home Inspection Firms

  • Construction Companies

  • UPS Store

Only 9 Units left!!!

We predict all will be sold within the next 6 months. Hurry in!


Jack Pilger 

(228) 365-1917

I will be happy to make an appointment to show you our facility and answer any questions you may have!

Mayor- Gautier Pic.jpg
Developing that into condo office space and he has five clients that have committed to purchase space in the building, and he estimates there will be between 15 -18 clients before all is done. What that means is there will be a better tax base for the city. There will be more employees hired in the city and should lead up to one hundred more employees in the nucleus of Gautier downtown.
Phil Torjusen, Gautier Mayor